A short film I produced, directed and edited last summer with my fellow UT classmates. TAG is about a young couple who must face their insecurities in a hazy reality saturated by a dark, new social media trend.

Starring: Lauren Winder & Kyle Bow. Cinematography by Nicky Alfieri and Vinny Alfieri.

Still Sophie

As part of 100 Words Film Festival's student-mentor grant program, I directed a short doc with producer, cinematographer and mentor, Chad McClarnon of Best Part Productions. 

Synopsis: Four and a half years ago, young talent Sophia Salveson’s life changed forever. Doctors said she may never walk, talk or perform again. They were wrong.


Delta Gamma

Had a blast hanging out with and getting to know these ladies last summer! This video was made for their recruitment in 2016.



A short documentary about how a blind woman named Sue Buckley founded one of the most inspiring blind-mentoring programs in the South East by tandem bicycling.


Clean Eating

One episode of many I put together for HealthiNation's cooking series hosted by Glamour Magazine's Ariel Haspel.


Ali Feller: Crohn's Disease

A teaser that I
edited for one of HealthiNation's award-winning series, True Champions.


Keep Peggy Home

A teacher for the blind & visually impaired is in danger of losing her home. This video was made to help keep her there. Peggy McDaniel (October 7, 2015)

Anti-Racism PSA

This video lead me to the passion I now consider to be my career. Here is the PSA about putting a stop to racism that I made as a senior in high school in 2013.