She is 100% blind and 99% independent. Sue founded of one of Knoxville's most inspiring non-profit organizations, Club VIBES (Visually Impaired/Blind Enhanced Services). For the last 8 years, Sue has worked tirelessly to advocate for and work with the blind and visually impaired community across the nation. Even better, she encourages members to go out and live an active lifestyle despite their visual impairment. 
I call it a diffability rather than a disability. We just do things differently.
— Sue Buckley



What makes Club VIBES so unique is that it is not only established and operated by the blind but also that Sue goes on tandem bike rides with her members every single month. With Sue’s undying passion for fitness, she has inspired and allowed hundreds of people in the blind community the chance to ride a bike—something that would have otherwise been impossible without her hard work. She lends every second of every day to better Club VIBES program and to connect members to invaluable knowledge, experiences and resources to help them take the crucial steps towards independent living and "freedom to fly," a motto that always rings true.


Tennessee Horizon Audience Award - The Nashville Film Festival